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Welcome to Radio Obsession

A confession...
.......... I Love Radio.
That's my excuse. Want to find out about my Internet Radio Show, Radio Obsession? Well read on...

Radio Obsession is a weekly radio show featuring great music of all sorts and other radio explorations. The show is "webcast only" on All Independent Radio, the New England Institute of Art's internet-only radio station.

You can listen to Radio Obsession...

...on the Internet, at our NEW TIME! Wednesdays from 8 PM to 10 PM (EST), at
- http://www.neialive.com/


- on iTunes -> Radio -> College/University Radio -> All Independent Radio

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AND... my other show, Free Lunch...

Free Lunch is a daily public affairs program airing on All Independent Radio at neialive.com. The noontime Free Lunch show is on hiatus during the Summer term, but you can hear an hour long Free Lunch Fashion Flow show on Monday afternoons, every other week. Free Lunch features stories and interviews relating to The New England Institute of Art and its many fine departments.

In 2009 and 2010, I hosted the Wednesday edition of Free Lunch - Arts & Activities; you can listen to archive show audio here:

Links to Stuff related to my obsession - Radio!

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